Nevada County Visitors Guide

Forged by the 1849 gold rush, this area has maintained its sense of rugged independence and natural beauty as it has evolved into a world-class destination for art enthusiasts, outdoor recreationalists, foodies, and anyone just wanting to “get away from it all” for a few days. A unique combination of historical landmarks and modern sensibilities, Nevada County is ideally located a mere hour from Sacramento, California’s State Capitol, and two hours from the Bay Area.

Healthy You

Are you living your best life? Justin Richards is, and wants to make sure that you are, too. As the owner of Best Life Fitness Academy in Grass Valley, Justin works with people of all ages and fitness levels to help them achieve their goals with plans customized just for them. This individualized approach to fitness training is gaining popularity not just here but around the nation as people are waking up the fact that one size rarely fits all in any situation.

Christmas in Nevada County

As a quaint creek-side town with narrow streets, Victorian architecture, gas lamps aglow, and generations of English lineage, Nevada City is attempting what some of its residents might think impossible—by making its next Victorian Christmas even more authentic than any that has come before. In addition to the usual street performers, costumed characters, crafts, food and drink, one thousand twinkling string lights, and cheery throngs of visitors, this year’s event will be preceded by a Christmas Heritage Series of social and digital media storytelling about the historic and cultural authenticity of Victorian Christmas.

Cannabis Magazine

John Alexander (CEO) and his business partner Michael Kepic (COO) first came up with the idea to open a local cannabis testing lab during a Nevada County Cannabis Alliance event in November of 2017. The pair were neighbors and friends, and were interested in learning more about the emerging legal cannabis industry. “We were sitting there listening, and one of the speakers said, “…once your product goes through legal mandatory testing...” John turned to Michael and said, “What’s this testing all about?” When we left the meeting I knew this was our new path, and Michael agreed that it was an excellent idea,” John said.“

Business Connections

COVID-19 has turned our lives, and our business practices, upside down. One of the many adjustments that many businesses had to make quickly was shifting from in-office employees to ensuring that as many people as possible could work from home. As such, managers have had to shift their strategies to managing employees from afar. One such supervisor who has excelled at the shift is Julia Stidham, Advertising Director of The Union.