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With over 17 years of professional writing and editing experience across all forms of media and on a vast array of subjects, Valerie is ready and able to write or edit anything and everything on any topic imaginable. Her philosophy in editing projects is to maintain the voice of the author while making it shine as brightly as possible. Her marketing and media experience also give Valerie a clear sense of what will be most appealing to an author’s target audience, and she can help any writer shape their message in such a way to reach their desired readership. Valerie’s goal is always to make whatever she is editing the very best it can be and to ensure that her clients are ecstatically happy with the finished product.


Valerie is an experienced editor of nonfiction books of all genres, and has worked with dozens of satisfied authors.  

Sister Siren: A Non Fiction About Addiction

Do you love an addict or know someone who does? Has addiction drained your life or the life of someone you love? This book is for you. Sister Siren takes us on the journey of loving someone in active addiction with riveting stories of critical moments the author stepped into with the addict she loves. Michaela’s intellectual, emotional, and spiritual curiosity takes a unique approach to addiction with daring experiential rigor, respect, and commitment to find the love that exists in all relatio

The Highest Frequencies of Love: Unconventional Solutions for Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum: Laitinen, Donna: 9781774821152: Books

The Highest Frequencies of Love: Unconventional Solutions for Parents of Children with Autism is a call to action to awaken compassion in our world. Author Donna Laitinen believes that we are all part of the solution to implement positive change for the long term in a safe space. This book was written for parents raising children with autism; however, it can be applied to any area of human experience. This book is not meant just for reading to gain information and knowledge. It is a practical wo

Follow the Author Laura Di Franco The Brave Healer Business Mindset Transformation Journal: 10 Exercises for Success

Mindset is about body awareness. . . . . . Whoa, did I just make your brain do a little crazy dance? In this short, sweet, powerful book you’ll learn practical tools to take mindset to the next level of effective practice; the place it belongs. Because you can buy the hammer, but if you don’t ever start to use it? You get it, right? Yes, it’s about what you’re thinking. And you may think your thinking is is where it needs to be to make your dreams come true.

Follow the Author Cindy Reynolds Soul Seeker: A Journey To Discover — Who Am I & What Is My Higher Purpose?

In the United States it is estimated that 6 out of 10 people have seen or heard a departed loved one. When it first happened to the author as a teen, it didn’t make any sense. Why her? She was an ordinary girl from Los Angeles. These events just happened, and for years there was no one to share them with without the fear of seeming crazy. Now, however, more and more people have experiences of their own to share! If this sounds like you or someone you know, SOUL SEEKER: A Journey to Discover – Who Am I & What is My Higher Purpose? is the right book!

The Five Elements of Relationships: How to Get Along with Anyone, Anytime, Anyplace

In The Five Elements of Relationships, Dr. Vicki Matthews uses the ancient Five Elements model from Chinese medicine to describe five basic personality types and the ways they automatically relate to one another. Knowing our primary elemental personality type explains our priorities and preferences in life as well as the reasons we click with certain people but have difficulties with others. Deceptively simple and easy to comprehend, The Five Elements of Relationships offers the opportunity to better understand everyone in our lives, enhance every connection we have, improve family dynamics, and seek out the people who will best support us in every conceivable situation. It also includes numerous techniques to help build harmonious relationships with everyone.

The Happiest Corruption: Sleaze, Lies, & Suicide in a California Beach Town - Kindle edition by Peterson, Debbie. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

This is insider crime history — my account of politicians, government officials, developers, contractors, and cannabis kings who operate a criminal machine that streams through my small county, bankrolled by public funds, campaign donations, and pallet loads of cash generated by the most valuable crop in the nation.

Sins of the System: Trauma, Guns, Tragedy, and the Betrayal of Our Children: Griego, Regina M.: 9798985710502: Books

Regina courageously shares her family's heart-wrenching story of generational trauma, mental health struggles and gun violence with grace, honesty and compassion. Her journey from grieving aunt to passionate advocate is truly inspiring. Regina is working to ensure no other family has to endure the pain that hers has, and through her words, she offers hope for a brighter future, even among the many challenges some families and children in our country face."

Connecting with God in the Garden: An Inspirational Journal for All Seasons - Kindle edition by Smith, Cecile. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

"Cecile Smith's deep and vibrant spirituality shines through her reflections and meditations found in Connecting with God in the Garden. The garden is where the seeds of faith are planted, grow, and blossom with each passing season, and Cecile's vibrant writing will lift hearts and minds closer to God." -Douglas Bean, Editor, "Cecile Smith helps her readers apply principles of Lectio Divina to the Book of Nature, enabling them to learn lessons through a greater awareness of the grandeur of

PURPOSE-ON-PURPOSE: 30 Days to Discover and Implement Your Life's Purpose (Say Yes For Success): Corbin, Sue: 9798411825831: Books

People often go through life without knowing that they have distinctive gifts, talents, and skills they were meant to use to create a more meaningful life. Some individuals live a robotic life performing repetitive tasks, while others live a stressful life chasing a career that they might not even enjoy. Then there are individuals who are consumed with the feeling that there is something missing in their life, but they have no idea what it could be.

A Leap Year of Firsts: 366 Adventures to Appreciate and Learn from Life: Baldwin, Keith: 9781667812960: Books

Keith L. Baldwin has spent over forty years in the Awards and Recognition business for one company on a journey from a teenage employee to an owner. He has worked in all aspects of the business from assembly and engraving to his current position as Chief Relationship Officer and Majority Partner of Spike's Trophies, Ltd. Spike's is an award winning Retailer and Manufacturer of the year recipient in the industry nationally and in the local community since 1929. Spike's is also a distributor of Pr

The December Dozen: A Celebration of Holidays

"Cristina Smith's writings are the Da Vinci code for mindfulness!" -Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series "If you have ever been curious about the many holidays that occur in December, or the origins of why we celebrate the way we do, you will love this book. Filled with twelve holidays, their origins, and a succinct explanation of why and how they are celebrated, you can learn easy ways to incorporate new traditions into your own celebrations to make your holida

Year of American Discontent: Essays on Crises of Division, Disinformation and Dysfunction in 2020: Murthy, Kris: 9781098388959: Books:

"You'll find this book to be refreshingly objective,encompassing thoughts from all sides, which really defines America itself......For sure, this book will help get a historical perspective on the events of 2020 and help us sort out our own feelings about the upheaval of that year. .... For a retrospective on the times, events, and culture of 2020, you must pick up a copy of Year of American Discontent: Essays on Crises of Division, Disinformation and Dysfunction in 2020 by Kris Murthy." - Tammy

Life & Love Lessons: How to Discover Confidence Through Your Spiritual Journey: Van Fleet, Melinda: 9781736591734: Books

In Melinda Van Fleet’s second confidence-building book, she shares inspiring, often funny, and actionable stories, teachers, and tools that create Aha moments as well as validate your higher-self’s guidance. She intentionally shares stories of mindset, manifestation and The Law of Attraction through the lens of the actual journey vs. traditional books you have likely already read. Some of the topics she covers are:

Wisdom of The All: A Step by Step Guide Into Love - Kindle edition by Saltman, Laura . Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

The book that will change your life is the one YOU write or journal. The book that reminds you why is right here. Welcome dear All, to a guide to life that will unlock your greatest potential. A workbook, playbook and key to Love. This book offers daily steps to knock you down, pick you up and grow the soul through lessons and guidance on why you are here and who you are in relation to Love. Take a step toward achieving your true, highest potential with the help of Wisdom of The All. Sid and the Boys: Playing Ball in the Face of Race and Big Business eBook: McCullough, Carl: Kindle Store

Carl McCullough’s book, Sid and the Boys: Playing Ball in the Face of Race and Big Business, is an exciting read for sports fans who have loved narratives about underdogs. But more than that, it offers much to readers interested in history and American culture. While researching the story of a 1967 high school basketball team’s Miracle Season, the author uncovered truths of his hometown of Bartlesville, Oklahoma in the 1960’s that he and perhaps most of the town’s residents had not been aware of

The Date of the Muratorian Fragment: An Inference to the Best Explanation

Three hundred years after its discovery, scholars find themselves unable to determine the more likely of the two hypotheses regarding the date of the Muratorian Fragment, which consists of a catalog of New Testament texts. Is the Fragment a late second- to early third-century composition or a fourth-century composition? This present work seeks to break the impasse. The study found that, by making an inference to the best explanation, a second-century date for the Fragment is preferred. This meth

Common Sense Divorce: Ten Steps to Save You Time, Money, and Worry: Nielson, Dena Silliman: 9781736109915: Books

Are you deciding whether to go or to stay in your marriage? Are you feeling trapped or frustrated the longer you stay? Before you take that final step, you need to prepare yourself for what is about to happen to your relationship, to your finances, and to your life. If you have children, it is especially important that you prepare for how their life will be altered because of this decision. Common Sense Divorce is a blueprint for those things you must know to save yourself time, money and worry
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Valerie has written over 250 articles on a vast array of topics and has worked with over 100 expert contributors annually to help them develop their writing skills through coaching and editing.  Valerie has also written numerous Sponsored Content articles with fantastic results for her clients.

Change your cylinder, change the world

Ah, it’s summertime. Camping, barbecues, days by the lake or river, these are things we wait for all year long. But while we might not think about it while we’re having fun, those 1 lb propane cylinders we use in our camp stoves and other portable appliances add up in both cost and environmental impact. Now, your outdoor fun can be a little greener by making the simple, convenient switch to a reusable 1 lb propane cylinder. Every year in North America, 40 million single-use 1 lb propane cylinde

Childcare Means Business

Families in Nevada County need high quality, affordable child care. Studies show that quality child care helps children develop and thrive. However, quality child care also impacts our entire community because investments in the childcare sector are critical for the continued functioning and recovery of our economy. Providing direct support to local childcare businesses promotes economic stability by ensuring families can return to work. “The COVID-19 pandemic spotlights how child care is a pil

Brunswick Veterinary Clinic Celebrates One Year Anniversary

The Brunswick Veterinary Clinic team wants to thank the community for their love and support following the reopening of the business, and looks forward to many more years of serving your pets. Brunswick Veterinary Clinic was founded in 1986 by Jay Schuff, DVM and Rebecca Hahn, DVM., Following their retirement, the clinic reopened on January 29, 2020, under the leadership of experienced area veterinarian, Tarra Williams, DVM. Dr. Schuff and Dr. Hahn stayed on during the transition before permanen

Nevada County is getting more days and more ways to vote

The leaders we elect and ballot measures we approve have the power to impact our daily lives. Elections are our chance to stand up for what matters most to us and to shape our communities, our state, and our nation. The midterm election on November 6 is no different, and this year Nevada County is offering new choices designed to make voting more convenient and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Nevada County is one of five counties to implement the Voter’s Choice Act this year – giving vot

Stucki Jewelers travel half way around the world to find just the right diamonds for their customers

Stucki Jewelers, named Instore Magazine’s 2018 “Coolest Jewelry Store in America” for their repurposing of owner James Arbaugh’s old office into a humidor, is not just smoke and mirrors. The downtown Grass Valley shop has been a community staple for over 100 years, and continues to thrive thanks to the passion and dedication of James and his wife, Nicole. The couple takes personalized customer service to the next level, and will head to Belgium next week to the foremost diamond district in the w

Early Quality Matters in Nevada County

What happens to our children now impacts all of us tomorrow. Kids grow up, and the care and education they receive in the first five years of life is a big determining factor in what type of citizens they will be. That is why the state of California unified all of the counties and created Quality Counts California (QCC), which sets quality as the new benchmark for early childcare and education. Research shows that babies form over 90 percent of the brain connections that determine how they talk

Ski Nevada County, CA

The winter storms have begun, and all Nevada County ski resorts are open for business! It’s perfect timing to come to Nevada County for a quick (or extended) ski getaway, especially since The Wall Street Journal last year named Truckee as one of the four Coolest Under the Radar Ski Towns in the US! Whether you want to do some double diamonds, cross country ski, snowboard, take the kids tubing, or just enjoy the warmth of the lodge with a mug of hot cocoa, Nevada County, California, is a great o

6 ways to enjoy Nevada County from your couch

We miss you! But, even though we are apart, we wanted to share 6 ways to enjoy Nevada County from your couch. Here in Nevada County, we are anxiously awaiting the time when we can once again welcome visitors to come and enjoy all that we have to offer. We are strictly adhering to the guidelines set by Governor Newsom in slowly reopening businesses and public places, and plan to begin Phase 2 of the plan to reopen soon. Even though you can’t be here in person (YET) to marvel in the many wonders

With PG&E shutdowns likely to occur again this summer, now is the time to look at installing a backup generator

We don’t know how long we will be stuck at home, and although businesses are opening up, the possibility of a second wave and stricter quarantine is there. Imagine being quarantined in your home like the last couple of months, but this time without power. You can’t work, you can’t open the fridge every fifteen minutes, you might not be able to bake, and NO NETFLIX! This could become the reality of those of us who are 100% reliant on PG&E for our power this summer. Having last year been found li

Nevada County Relief Fund provides real relief to those in need

There is no doubt that the stay-at-home orders issued by Governor Newsom in March to combat the spread of COVID-19 created economic hardship here in Nevada County and throughout the state. Desiring to do something to help our local businesses and nonprofit organizations, the Nevada County Relief Fund was launched on April 14, 2020. Backed by a $100,000 “challenge grant” from the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, the community quickly responded with donations to the Relief Fund. Half of the mon

Plan A Romantic Getaway

The small towns in Nevada County, nestled in the Sierra foothills in Northern California just a short drive from the Bay Area and Sacramento, are full of romantic possibility. No matter the season, the backdrops of Victorian architecture, beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers, and photo quality sunsets make any location in the small county a paradise for lovers, whether you are in a new relationship or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. Here are some ideas to wow your partner with a perf


At The Union newspaper, Valerie has developed and edited a wide variety of publications covering topics from health and wellness to agriculture to outdoor recreation and more.  By recruiting and developing over 100 contributors, both freelance writers and experts in a vast array of fields and topics, Valerie has ensured that the publications she produces are top quality and filled with relevant and interesting information for any target audience.

Nevada County Visitors Guide

Forged by the 1849 gold rush, this area has maintained its sense of rugged independence and natural beauty as it has evolved into a world-class destination for art enthusiasts, outdoor recreationalists, foodies, and anyone just wanting to “get away from it all” for a few days. A unique combination of historical landmarks and modern sensibilities, Nevada County is ideally located a mere hour from Sacramento, California’s State Capitol, and two hours from the Bay Area.

Christmas in Nevada County

As a quaint creek-side town with narrow streets, Victorian architecture, gas lamps aglow, and generations of English lineage, Nevada City is attempting what some of its residents might think impossible—by making its next Victorian Christmas even more authentic than any that has come before. In addition to the usual street performers, costumed characters, crafts, food and drink, one thousand twinkling string lights, and cheery throngs of visitors, this year’s event will be preceded by a Christmas Heritage Series of social and digital media storytelling about the historic and cultural authenticity of Victorian Christmas.

Cannabis Magazine

John Alexander (CEO) and his business partner Michael Kepic (COO) first came up with the idea to open a local cannabis testing lab during a Nevada County Cannabis Alliance event in November of 2017. The pair were neighbors and friends, and were interested in learning more about the emerging legal cannabis industry. “We were sitting there listening, and one of the speakers said, “…once your product goes through legal mandatory testing...” John turned to Michael and said, “What’s this testing all about?” When we left the meeting I knew this was our new path, and Michael agreed that it was an excellent idea,” John said.“

Business Connections

COVID-19 has turned our lives, and our business practices, upside down. One of the many adjustments that many businesses had to make quickly was shifting from in-office employees to ensuring that as many people as possible could work from home. As such, managers have had to shift their strategies to managing employees from afar. One such supervisor who has excelled at the shift is Julia Stidham, Advertising Director of The Union.

Healthy You

Are you living your best life? Justin Richards is, and wants to make sure that you are, too. As the owner of Best Life Fitness Academy in Grass Valley, Justin works with people of all ages and fitness levels to help them achieve their goals with plans customized just for them. This individualized approach to fitness training is gaining popularity not just here but around the nation as people are waking up the fact that one size rarely fits all in any situation.