Books Edited by Valerie

Valerie began editing books on a regular basis in March, 2020.  She is currently working on editing her thirtieth book, and has a waiting list.  Contact Valerie if you are interested in her editing services.


Books edited by Valerie.

The December Dozen: A Celebration of Holidays

"Cristina Smith's writings are the Da Vinci code for mindfulness!" -Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series "If you have ever been curious about the many holidays that occur in December, or the origins of why we celebrate the way we do, you will love this book. Filled with twelve holidays, their origins, and a succinct explanation of why and how they are celebrated, you can learn easy ways to incorporate new traditions into your own celebrations to make your holida

Life & Love Lessons: How to Discover Confidence Through Your Spiritual Journey: Van Fleet, Melinda: 9781736591734: Books

In Melinda Van Fleet’s second confidence-building book, she shares inspiring, often funny, and actionable stories, teachers, and tools that create Aha moments as well as validate your higher-self’s guidance. She intentionally shares stories of mindset, manifestation and The Law of Attraction through the lens of the actual journey vs. traditional books you have likely already read. Some of the topics she covers are:

Wisdom of The All: A Step by Step Guide Into Love - Kindle edition by Saltman, Laura . Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

The book that will change your life is the one YOU write or journal. The book that reminds you why is right here. Welcome dear All, to a guide to life that will unlock your greatest potential. A workbook, playbook and key to Love. This book offers daily steps to knock you down, pick you up and grow the soul through lessons and guidance on why you are here and who you are in relation to Love. Take a step toward achieving your true, highest potential with the help of Wisdom of The All. Sid and the Boys: Playing Ball in the Face of Race and Big Business eBook: McCullough, Carl: Kindle Store

Carl McCullough’s book, Sid and the Boys: Playing Ball in the Face of Race and Big Business, is an exciting read for sports fans who have loved narratives about underdogs. But more than that, it offers much to readers interested in history and American culture. While researching the story of a 1967 high school basketball team’s Miracle Season, the author uncovered truths of his hometown of Bartlesville, Oklahoma in the 1960’s that he and perhaps most of the town’s residents had not been aware of

The Date of the Muratorian Fragment: An Inference to the Best Explanation

Three hundred years after its discovery, scholars find themselves unable to determine the more likely of the two hypotheses regarding the date of the Muratorian Fragment, which consists of a catalog of New Testament texts. Is the Fragment a late second- to early third-century composition or a fourth-century composition? This present work seeks to break the impasse. The study found that, by making an inference to the best explanation, a second-century date for the Fragment is preferred. This meth

Common Sense Divorce: Ten Steps to Save You Time, Money, and Worry: Nielson, Dena Silliman: 9781736109915: Books

Are you deciding whether to go or to stay in your marriage? Are you feeling trapped or frustrated the longer you stay? Before you take that final step, you need to prepare yourself for what is about to happen to your relationship, to your finances, and to your life. If you have children, it is especially important that you prepare for how their life will be altered because of this decision. Common Sense Divorce is a blueprint for those things you must know to save yourself time, money and worry

HOW I MADE MY FIRST MILLION $$$ and HOW YOU CAN MAKE YOURS TOO $$$: Revisiting THINK & GROW RICH By Dr. Napoleon Hill eBook: TAQUI, MARIE T.: Kindle Store

In How I Made My First Million Dollars, Marie T Taqui shares her experiences growing up in the Ivory Coast, West Africa and the journey she took from extreme generational poverty to making over a million dollars in a year, a few years after discovering the success principles of Dr. Napoleon Hill. Taqui shares the original text of Napoleon Hill's 1937 book Think and Grow Rich, in which Hill shared stories and lessons drawn from interviews with Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and ot

Why Can't I Keep Up Anymore?: A Guide to Regaining Energy, Focus and Peak Physical & Sexual Performance for Men Over 40 eBook: Matthew, Deborah: Kindle Store

Edited by Valerie Costa. If you want to live a high performance life, you need to treat yourself like a high performance vehicle! If you drove a Porsche or Ferrari, would you fill the tank with low quality gasoline, take it off-roading or leave it out in a hailstorm? Of course not! You'd buy premium motor oil and get the engine tuned! Why don't you treat yourself that way? The good news is that it is possible to boost your horsepower and performance! In this book you will: • Learn why you shouldn’t blame your symptoms

Metro: Sin City Chronicles

Have you ever wondered what the life of a street cop is really like? Fasten your seatbelt and take a journey with Las Vegas METRO Police Officer Mark Rusin through a childhood lived on the mean streets of Chicago’s south side to wild nights of being a METRO cop in Sin City in the rough times of the early 1980s. During his four years of wearing the uniform of the “toughest street gang in Nevada”, Rusin’s beat was the fabulous strip, where he had a front row seat to the seedy underbelly of one of

Life Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain: Smith, Cristina, Smith, Rick, Forrest, Steven: 9781642934755: Books

"I love Yoga for the Brain! It is a great way to relax, unwind, and play. Even better, research shows that games like these can have a mind-body benefit no matter how old you are. Sign me up for more!" -- Camille Leon, Founder, Holistic Chamber of Commerce "Never before have I seen such a book with word search puzzles, secret messages, and even more for the reader to enjoy! More than just a word search puzzle book, it's also packed with facts and information. Sitting down with the book is a g